From this page, you can apply for a new membership, renew your membership, and make donations to the club.  This page uses PayPal for checkout.

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Memberships are per year. SCRA dues are $20/year for Individual, $30/year for Family and $5/year for Youth (under 24). The renewal date for SCRA dues is January 1st.
Prorated Dues for New Members Only: Reduced dues after the 1st quarter. 2nd Quarter April-June: $5.00 off, 3rd Quarter July-September: $10.00 off, 4th Quarter October-December: Pay the yearly dues for next year and get the rest of this year free. There is no reduced rate for Youth membership.

You may join our club even if you don’t have an amateur radio (ham) license, in which case you will be an Associate Member with all rights except the rights to vote and hold office. Upon obtaining your license, you will be upgraded automatically to Regular Member.

Membership Entry on the Website – This process is completely manual and performed by volunteers. When you sign-up for a membership the Membership Chair is notified. They create a report that goes to the webmaster usually the following weekend. In summary it could take 2 weeks for you to receive your temporary password. Please be patient. If you truly have a need to rush it, such as need access to the Training videos for a class or sign-up for an impending Public Service Event please contact the membership chair to let them know this.

Memberships are per calendar year, due on January 1st, as follows. You may prepay next year at any time. The dues for late renewals are not prorated:

  • $20/year Individual
  • $30/year Family
  • $5/year Youth (under 24)

For New Members Only, dues are prorated the first year starting in the second quarter as follows:

  • January – March
    • $20/year Individual
    • $30/year Family
    • $5/year Youth (under 24)
  • April – June
    • $15 Individual
    • $25 Family
    • $5 Youth (under 24)
  • July – September
    • $10 Individual
    • $20 Family
    • $5 Youth (under 24)
  • October – December: Pay next year’s dues and get this quarter free.
    • $20/year Individual
    • $30/year Family
    • $5/year Youth (under 24)

Notice: We get your name and address from PayPal. If you are using someone else’s account, or purchasing a family membership, please enter what is different for each member of the family into the “Comments” field.

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If you would like to order an SCRA Name Badge or Safety Vest, download this SCRA Badge and Vest Order Process.PDF and follow the instructions.

Some merchandise, such as SCRA Patches, Decals, and Caps should be available at the SCRA Membership meetings, while supplies last.

If you would like to order an item from a vendor of your choosing with an SCRA logo, you should find the logo images we have available to download at the following link ,  , in the folder named “SCRA Logos -for club and personal use only”.

If you have any questions, please email

Technician Class Text Book

Textbook – $30.00

If you are enrolled in our Technician License Class and wish to purchase a textbook through SCRA, make arrangements with Darryl Paule KI6MSP (  The textbook that is used in our class is “2022-2026 Technician Class” by Gordon West WB6NOA and is based on the question pool that is valid only through June 30, 2026.

Textbooks will not be shipped by SCRA.

You may also purchase one on Amazon here.

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Not everyone has their change handy. Feel Free to donate online to our snacks and fun!


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