Yaesu System Fusion – WIRES-X

“Yaesu System Fusion is the easiest to use digital voice system.”  –Bill AA6BD

Here is the script for the Thursday Fusion Net.

Our repeater on Castle Rock at 441.375 MHz is a Yaesu DR-2X repeater that is connected to a WIRES-X Room.  On this repeater, we host a “room”  K6SON-ROOM #80798.  Using WIRES-X, you can connect to this room or to any other WIRES-X room.  If you tune to this frequency and put your radio in DN (Digital Narrow) voice mode, you can participate in the currently active room and/or with others who also tune to this frequency.

To learn more about Yaesu System Fusion and its WIRES-X capability, see this presentation from the club meeting on Wednesday, July 1, 2020.

Presentation on Fusion-7-1-2020

When using analog FM, make sure to set your radio *receive* to CTCSS 88.5 in order to avoid Fusion digital noise on your rig!

You are welcome to change the repeater WIRES-X Room connection to another room.  Please use this protocol:

  • “Is the K6CSR repeater busy? This is (your callsign)
  • Wait a few seconds to identify whether or not the repeater is busy
  • “This is (your callsign) accessing room (room).”

Yaesu System Fusion / WIRES-X / C4FM Nets
Time – Room name and number – Net Name – description
5:30 PM PT – MNWis #21493 – MNWis Fusion Technical Net – check in and ask your questions
5:00 PM PT – CQ-CANADA-VE1AO #40678 – Cross Canada C4FM Weekly Net
6:00 PM PT – YARDDOGS-ROOM #40383 – Yellow River Digital Group
6:00 PM PT – KANSAS-CITY #28952 – Fusion Digital Wheatshocker net
5:00 PM PT – SE-KANSAS # 46341 – Four States Fusion Net
5:45 PM PT – MVARC-IDAHO #43210 – MVARC Net – Check in and chat, Question of the day
7:00 PM PT –  KD6RC node #51370 – SCRA Fusion Net – check in and chat
6:00 PM PT – “—-AMERICA-LINK” #21080 – America Link Network – lots of check ins, runs for hours