FRS / GMRS Radios


$72 for 6 FRS Baofengs

By the new definitions, anything that does not exceed 2 W is FRS. These can be channels 1 to 22.

Anything over 2 W is GMRS.

FRS Radios

RadioChannels 1-7, 15-22Channels 8-14Website
Midland LXT 2101 watt?½ watt
Motorola Talkabout 50001 watt½ watt
Motorola Talkabout 64001 watt½ watt
Uniden GMRS 540½ watt½ watt

GMRS Radios

UV9G PRO$169Handheld
Baofeng / BTech
GMRS V-1$55Handheld
Baofeng UV-5R as discontinued
Retivs RT76P$40Handheld
Wouxun KG-805G×1/$80Handheld
Baofeng GMRS-50X1×1/$200Mobile
Midland MXT-400$250Mobile





Midland MXT- 400


Antennas are more important than transmit power. Many GMRS handhelds ship with poor performing antennas.Nagoya 701C seems to be the most popular replacement: 

The Nagoya 701-C works but it is center tuned for 455MHz which makes it a bit sub-optimal for GMRS. It’s weirdly advertised as high gain but is 2.15dBi, which is fine if that is what you want, but that’s unity gain. The Nagoya NA-701G Handheld GMRS Antenna (5.5 Inch) is specifically tuned for 462MHz frequencies on the GMRS and costs $16.99 

Damian Boune KN6PPF writes that the SMILEY 5/8 SLIM DUCK 465 MHZ @ $24.50 is still the best antenna I’ve used on a handheld for GMRS. Nagoya and others fail where this antenna succeeds.

Mag mount antennas provide a substantial performance upgrade. The ground plane provides a far better counterpoise than your hand!  Mag mounts require a steel roof; aluminum roofs need some other way to attach an antenna.  If it’s raining or too hot or you want to sit, this kind of set-up is far more comfortable: 


For a base station GMRS antenna we recommend the Laird FG4603 antenna (3dBd/5.15dBi). FG4603: 460-470 MHz, 3 dBd/ 5.15 dBi Outdoor Fiberglass Omni base Station Antenna with N-Female Connector $133. This is the antenna on top of the 25’ mast above:

At GMRS frequencies there is more signal loss, so better cable is needed for high antennnas.