FRS / GMRS Activity in Sonoma County

GMRS repeaters in Sonoma County as of 3/23//24

AreaRepeaterLoad Out
Rx freqTx freqTx CTCSSRx CTCSSRepeater Output
Channel number
Coastal HillsFort Ross32462.575  467.575 173.8192.816yes
Coastal HillsTimber Cove33462.575  467.575 167.9192.816yes
Coastal HillsMuniz34462.575  467.575 162.2192.816yes
CazaderoWildwood35462.600  467.600 173.8192.817yes
CazaderoMohrhardt36462.600  467.600 167.9192.817yes
CazaderoTeravana37462.600  467.600 162.2192.817no
CazaderoSheridan38462.600  467.600 156.7192.817yes
Lower Russian RiverOverlook39462.625  467.625 173.8192.818yes
Lower Russian RiverSiri40462.625  467.625 167.9192.818no
Lower Russian RiverMt Jackson41462.625  467.625 162.2192.818no
Lower Russian RiverHacienda42462.650467.650156.7192.819yes
OccidentalFitz Joy43462.650  467.650 173.8192.819yes
West CountyEnglish Hill44462.650467.650167.9192.819yes
North CountyShellenger46462.700  467.700 173.8192.821yes
North CountyIda Clayton47462.700  467.700 167.9192.821no
North CountyHilltop48462.700  467.700 162.2192.821yes
East CountyLosAlamos49462.725467.725156.7192.822yes
Central CountySonoma Mtn50462.725467.725173.8192.822no
PetalumaDB ranch45462.675467.675173.8192.820yes
W SR SIMPLEX (delay)462.725  462.725 no toneno tone22yes

West Marin County GMRS repeaters as of 2/17/23

TagMemory ChannelRX FrequencyTX FrequencyTX CTCSSRX CTCSSnotes
BARNABE2462.575467.575110.9100split PL tone
AUX REPEATER4462.7467.7100100(portable repeater)
MUIR BEACH5462.65467.65103.5103.5
SGV7462.65467.65136.5136.5(San Geronimo Valley)
TAC IN8462.575462.575100barnaby and vision output freq and PL
TAC IS9462.65462.65100
TAC 210462.5875462.5875100
TAC 311462.6125462.612567
TAC 412462.6375462.637567
TAC 513462.6625462.662567
TAC 614462.6875462.687567
TAC 715462.7125462.712567

FRS/GMRS activity in Sonoma County as of February 2024

FRS/GMRS emergency preparations are aimed in different circumstances at (i) “the last mile” communications using very cheap radios, (ii) hub communications with more-involved communicators such as CERT members using more-expensive GMRS duplex-capable radios, and (iii) to-Incident Command links.

During the recent storms GMRS activity was important in the Lower Russian River Communities, who were very well prepared for the event. Community members with GMRS radios expressed their appreciation for talking with Hams monitoring their repeaters – mainly Sheridan and Overlook, while they had no power or cell phones. Local neighborhood nets provided information and support.

North County – very active CERT program.  Adopted GMRS for CERT Incident Commander and Team Leaders, COPE Community leaders, North County Fire Chiefs, and Sonoma County Dep’t. Public Infrastructure.  The main focus is connecting to CERT volunteers and COPE Community leaders, not “the last mile”.  Fire Chiefs are equipped to monitor.  Sonoma County Dep’t. Public Infrastructure continuing to connect to this network.  Additional repeater locations being developed. Geoff Peters

Sebastopol –SNCU (Sebastopol Neighborhood Communications Unit) has a quadrant / 4-ham hubs as part of Map Your Neighborhood (MYN).  SNCU amateur operator at Sebastopol Fire Dept – GMRS can reach all parts of the City.  FRS will be the intra-quadrant (“the last mile”) communications.  Communications from the quadrants to the Fire Department may be either GMRS or amateur radio.   See below for the channel plan for FRS/GMRS channel assignments.

Fitch Mountain –  Hilltop repeater went online November 20, 2022. And the Fitch Mountain Emergency Radio Net (FERN) has been conducting check-in nets the 1st and 3rd Sundays (5:30pm) of each month since before the Hilltop repeater went live, using simplex and the Shellenger Rd repeater. Pat Abercrombie 

Bodega – is investigating a GMRS repeater.

Cazadero – 4 new repeaters! Performed well during the January 2023 storms– Tony Goodwin and Damian Boune

Occidental – repeater at Fitpatrick and Joy rd… FitzJoy – Safer West County

Guerneville is served by the Overlook repeater above Armstrong woods.

Fort Ross and Timber Cove – Coastal Hills Radio Group is the leader in GMRS implimenation in Sonoma Count. Repeaters at Fire Departments and Muniz Ranch through a local grant. See Tables above

West Monroe District, Santa Rosa – “the last mile” GMRS simplex repeater on channel 22.  Listed as closed, but requests generously approved.  462.7250 MHz – no tones

South County – Petaluma:  Weekly net on the DB ranch repeater every Tuesday night at 8:30 pm 

Neighbor-to-neighbor simplex FRS/GMRS programs 

  • Sebastopol  – mobile home part
  • Green Valley Net – west of Graton – Channel 17 (Bob WRJD829)
  • Guernewood Neighborhoods Association – [Lois & Damian]
    • notes that channel 15 is often used for high-power simplex
    • uses channel 3 for weekly nets (Wednesday evenings)
  • Sebastopol Map Your Neighborhood:
City zone MYN-to-hub channel Hub-to-net-control channel
North 1 3
West 5 7
South 15 17
East 19 21
ICP common 16 4 (fallback)

please send updates and notes to

Bob Dozor K3FUL WRJD829