Repeaters, Digital and GMRS


WinLink Packet System

Gateway Callsign W6SON-10
Frequency: 144.910 MHz
Operating Mode: Packet / 1200
Location: English Hill
Digipeater Callsign:  W6SON-1

IRLP (Internet Radio Linking Project) System

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Node Number: 7103

Connected to our 2-meter Repeater: 147.315 MHz + PL 88.5


  • Check IRLP Node Status and use Test Node 9990 to check your signal.
  • Pause between transmissions to let others in or allow others to enter DTMF command.
  • Identify before sending DTMF command tones.
  • Hold your microphone PTT for about 5 seconds before talking to allow all systems time to rise.
  • Pause for 15 seconds when entering the reflector before talking.
  • Identify after ending an IRLP contact and disconnecting from the node and repeater.


  • Have a QSO on the local repeater while connected to the reflector.
  • Leave the W6SON repeater node linked to the Western Reflector or any other node! It is your responsibility to disconnect IRLP when you are finished.
  • Start or plan a Net without pre-authorization from the reflector owner.

Sample Connection Procedure for IRLP Node 9250, Western Reflector:

  • “Is the W6SON repeater busy? This is (your callsign)
  • Wait a few seconds to identify whether or not the repeater is busy
  • “This is (your callsign) accessing IRLP Node 9250.” Use DTMF keypad to enter the number of the node you wish to connect to, in this case “9” “2” “5” “0”, release PTT, and pause 5 seconds to hear link connect message.
  • Wait 15 seconds before transmitting to be sure no QSO is in progress. Then, key up and call CQ: “This is (your callsign) calling CQ on the IRLP Western Reflector.” Wait 15 seconds.
  • If someone answers, proceed with QSO, pausing 5 seconds between each key up and speaking.
  • If no response after 15 seconds, key up and announce: “(your callsign) is leaving the Western Reflector,” then enter DTMF Tones “7” “3” and release PTT. You should hear the message, “Western Reflector Link Clear.” Then, sign off on the W6SON repeater with your callsign.

If connecting to the WIN SYSTEM:

More Information About IRLP:

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