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Terrible Two Radio Support - CANCELLED, will be back in 2025.

Event Chairs: Co-Comm Boss - Nick Gloyd and need a second.


Terrible Two will return in 2025!

This is one of the toughest double centuries in the state and requires lots of good operating skills. It roams across two counties and over multiple mountain ridges, so radio support will be challenging (including the likelihood of simplex relays for SAGs). Leave your HT at home for this one.

As this is an all-day-into-the-night affair, we have aid stations (some with multiple shifts), a few NC shifts, and SAGs available. While traffic consists of informational traffic, we do transmit rider number and times – you will get a lot of traffic handling experience. If you want to visit remote parts of Sonoma County, SAG for the TT is one way to do it. TT starts at 0530 and finishes around 2300. This is why we are looking for two Comm Bosses for this event, to split it into two shifts. 

We have five rest stops/aid stations as well as Net Control (start/finish). Pay close attention to start and end times for each slot below. The most time-demanding slot is Fort Ross (eight hours), while most are between five and six-and-a-half hours.

Net Control is located at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts (SCA), 282 S High St, Sebastopol.  Coordinates:  38.400237, -122.825039

2023 debrief:  174 riders registered.  Rider times and numbers were transmitted only for unusual circumstances. One primary ham (not two) plus shadow(s) would have been sufficient at Warm Springs rest stop.  No volunteer tee shirts were offered. - Fred AE6SF

Radio Details

  • Operational Area: Northern Napa County, North and West Sonoma County
  • Operational Time: 0530 - 2300 (17.5 hours)
  • Repeater(s): Primary - Sonoma Mountain (146.730 - T88.5) linked with Sea View (147.975 - T88.5); Backup - W6SON (147.315 + T88.5)
  • Simplex: 146.535 for select areas between Warm Springs, Rancheria and Fort Ross
  • HT Friendly? Not really, most remote stations will need good antennas and 30+ watts to be properly outfitted. Mobile radios with multiple receivers recommended.

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Course Maps

The 2024 Terrible Two 200 mile course is expected to be the same as the 2023 courses. 

TT 200 mile route

TT 200K route

TT Super 100 route


# Date Station Start Time End Time Callsign Name Clear -