Public Service

Sonoma County Radio Amateurs has a long history of providing amateur radio support for public events. Sonoma County offers a spectacular backdrop for challenging athletic events and thus challenging radio operating conditions. We have provided communications for numerous events that occur in remote areas where cellular coverage is nil to non-existent. SCRA goes the extra mile to work with our event promoters’ needs and works in concert to ensure that events are safely supported by radio coverage. All events are open to participation from new users to experienced hams. If you are new to the hobby, come out and enjoy working in the field with experienced hams and get to know the county like you never have before. For questions about SCRA Public Service Events, please contact the Public Service Chair.

Note! All signups for events are now handled on-line. Check out all of the events! The Comm Boss for an event reserves the right to adjust your signup based on his/her knowledge of the event.

Note!! SAGs!  Some of the bike events have SAG (Support And Gear vehicle) positions available. Note that SCRA does not manage SAG drivers for any event. That is the responsibility of the event’s organizers – if you wish to SAG you should also volunteer at the organizer’s volunteer web page and note that you are also an amateur radio operator.

Shadow Operators: For some of the events you will see a sign-up position for Shadows. This is a position created for those wanting to see first hand how a Public Service event operates without taking on the position’s full responsibility.  Sign up to be a shadow if you are new to the system and the Comm Boss will assign you to a location.

SCRA Public Service Events for 2018 – Updated as of 15 August 2018