Field Day

Come Join SCRA at Field Day 2023

June 23, 24, 25

Why Field Day???

ARRL Field Day (FD) started back in the 1930s as a test of amateur radio operator’s ability to work “in the field” under emergency-like conditions. FD has become one of the most popular events in ham radio and has grown beyond a mere test of our EmComm capabilities. 

If you are new to Field Day and want to learn more, please visit the ARRL’s Field Day website:

After two years of doing a “distributed” Field Day in 2020 and 2021 and a down-sized field day for 2022, we will be able to return to Youth Community Park (YCM, aka “Skateboard Park”) for Field Day 2023 (FD2023). YCM is at 1725 Fulton Rd, just across the street from Piner High School. 

Field Day is a wonderful opportunity to experience many facets of amateur radio. From setting up a station and antennas to operating a contest, logging contacts, along with plenty of time to socialize. 

We will have a total of five stations:

  • SSB (Voice)
  • CW (Morse code)
  • Digital (i.e PSK-31) 
  • Get-On-The-Air (GOTA) (for under-licensed and unlicensed operators)
  • Satellite

Event Dates and Times: 

  • Friday, June 23, beginning at 5pm – Goal is to setup as much as we can before sundown
  • Saturday, June 24, 8am to 11am – Complete setup
  • Saturday, June 24, 11am – Operating period begins
  • Saturday, June 24, early afternoon – Educational Activity
  • Saturday, June 24, ~ 6pm – Dinner
  •  Sunday, June 25, 11am – Operating period ends, Teardown begins
  • Sunday, June 25, 2pm – Finish Teardown, Leave Park

Field Day Planning Meetings: 

  • Our final Field Day Planning Meeting will be an On-line meeting (e-mail me if you need an invitation; if you are on the Field Day e-mail distribution list, you will receive an invitation):
    • Wednesday, June 14, ~ 8pm (immediately following the SCRA Board of Directors meeting) 

Wanted: Volunteers – 

The Public Service Sign-Up Pages for Field Day 2023 are now active (except for Field Day Dinner; that is coming soon):

All but one of our leadership positions have been filled. Refer to the list below.  

SSB Station Captain - Nick, KV6KLG
CW Station Captain - John, WB6FRZ
Digital Station Captain - Rick, WW6RC
VHF/ Satellite - John, KJ6ZL & Bob, KMGGYV
GOTA Station Captain - Dave, KI6UGB
Food - Heather, KN6YAM and Carolita, KN6WZU
PIO (Information Booth) - Darryl, KI6MSP
Safety - Nick, KV6KLG and Darryl, KI6MSP
Solar Power - Nick, KV6KLG
TH6 Assembly - Brad, KC6EOA and Doug, KF6LMB
Zero-5 Assembly / Erection -
Antenna Coordinator - Brian, N6IIY
Tower Erection - Fred, AE6SF
Mast Erection - Brian, N6IIY
Antenna Launcher - Brian, N6IIY
Dipole Erection - Dave, KI6UGB
Computer Networking - Fred, AE6SF
Social Media - Dave, KI6UGB and Heather, KN6YAM
Volunteer Coordinator - Darryl, KI6MSP
Band Coordinator - June, K5AN
Education Activity - John, WB6FRZ and Carolita, KN6WZU
Station Setup / Teardown Supervisor - Open
W1AW ARRL Message Reception - John, WB6FRZ
Towing Breadbox to/from Site - Rick, WW6RC

Educational Activity – Saturday, June 24, Time: 2 pm to 4 pm

There will actually be two Educational Activities this year:

  • Breadboarding – led by John, WB6FRZ
  • Introduction to Morse Code – led by Carolita, KN6WZU

If you are interested in either of these, please sign up at Field Day –  Saturday, June 24 (look at the bottom of the page)

Dinner – Saturday, June 24, 6pm

There will be a separate sign-up page for Field Day Dinner. Check back for more details.

  • For More Information or an Invitation to future On-Line Field Day Planning Meetings, please contact me:

Brian Torr, N6IIY
Field Day Chairman
Tel: (707) 575-5871 (home)
(707) 953-0377 (mobile)