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Technician License Class

Our weekend Technician License courses have been very successful. Since 2007 when SCRA started its weekend Technician license courses over 250 people have obtained their amateur radio license.

Take our course if you are interested in obtaining your Technician Class amateur radio license and obtaining valuable information relating to assembly and proper and safe operation of your amateur radio station.  Unlike cell phones, and family radio service (FRS) walkie-talkies, the amateur radio service is available only to qualified applicants, so you need to prepare ahead of the examination.  Our course will give you the background to understand and enjoy amateur radio!

The Technician License test covers basic rules, operating practices and radio theory and must be passed in order to qualify for, and obtain, your amateur radio license. You should expect to be successful with this entry level test, providing you prepare for your license in the weeks before the course. The study material is not difficult but needs to be studied before you attend our course and take the test.


The class is free and all the instructors are volunteers.

The Volunteer Examiner testing fee is $15.00.  The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) now requires applicants to pay a $35.00 licensing fee after successfully passing the exam. We have traditionally coordinated an examination session at the conclusion of our weekend courses. If you want to take the examination without going through the course then check our VE Exam schedule under the Events tab on this web site  for times and places for license examinations throughout the year.

If you would like to be in one of our courses, please contact me directly via email; my name and email is shown at the end of this article.  Study materials are available now, and we strongly recommend you get started with your pre-class preparation as soon as you can! Past examination results have confirmed that students studying the material prior to the course have a much better chance of passing the exam. We use and recommend the Gordon West Technician Class study guide, 2022-2026 edition.  Cost for the study guide is about $30.00 purchased from our radio club while enrolled in one of our technician courses, and about that same price plus shipping, available on-line directly from the publisher:, or through other sources such as Amazon and We will be using Gordo’s proven study guide and method in this course. Nearly every one of our students pass the Technician License exam on their first attempt. Our method works!

Purchasing a Study Guide From the Club

Go to the Store/Merchandise tab on this web site for complete details on purchasing a Technician Class study guide from SCRA after being enrolled in one of our technician courses. We do not ship manuals, so using this method means that a member of the radio club will meet with you and hand you the book.

2024 Technician Course Dates

Contact me now to sign up for any of the three scheduled in-person courses in 2024 to reserve your spot; the room size limits the number of students. The dates of these courses are May 31, June 1,2,  August 2,3,4 ( This class is for the Boy Scouts. If there is room, I will take other students); and November 1,2,3. The Friday evening class times are from 6PM until 9PM, then Saturday from 8AM until 5PM and Sunday 8AM until 2:30PM but always confirm these class times when signing up for the course. Locations for each course are to be determined, with the address and directions given to registered students.

Important Note: You MUST register for any of our courses ahead of time! Begin this process by sending an email to the address given at the end of this page.

General Class or Extra Class License Upgrade?

Our very first on-line general course was concluded in January, 2022. For SCRA club members, self-study 1-on-1 mentor assistance is available; mentors for SCRA members desiring to upgrade to general class or amateur extra class are available to help. Contact me for further details.

We at SCRA look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Cornell Chesnik, W6HMN
Education Committee Chair
Sonoma County Radio Amateurs