Ragchew Net

December 5, 2023 @ 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Chuck, WA6VAG

Ragchew Net

On the repeater – tune in to 147.315 + PL 88.5

QST, QST, calling all radio amateurs from Chuck, WA6VAG, net control station for the new SCRA ragchew net, approved by the Board of Directors on August 10, which will have its next session at a new time this Tuesday at 8:00PM on the repeater. This will be a moderated ragchew net intended to bring our members and non-members together in a relaxed, friendly and informal atmosphere allowing us to have fun and make new friends and will use a “round robin” format.  As this is a ragchew net, all stations are encouraged to stay around and participate in the ongoing conversation. All stations will be worked in the order they checked in, on a rotation basis.  The opening script for the net will provide more details.

The ragchew net will meet for about 60-90 minutes (unless closed earlier for lack of participants) to inform, enlighten and perhaps add a bit of humor to the day.  We invite all newcomers, especially new hams to join us. Roundtable ragchew QSOs are in the true spirit of amateur radio and provide a format for the exchange of information and general discussion on technical tips, ham equipment, antennas, personal opinions, local weather, sports, your latest home project, gardening feats, and gear swap/buy/sell listings (consistent with Part 97 rules).  Let’s try to avoid divisive, controversial political/social issues.

This is a moderated net.  Check-ins will be taken based the first letter of your callsign suffix, beginning with stations A/H, ALPHA through HOTEL then stations I/P INDIA through PAPA and lastly, stations Q/Z, QUEBEC through ZULU, establishing the rotation for the evening. There will be periodic calls by net control for late check-ins, and stations leaving the net can advise net control so they can be removed from the ongoing roundtable rotation.

Looking forward to hearing from many stations this Sunday evening.

Best 73