Yaesu System Fusion – WIRES-X

“Yaesu System Fusion is the easiest to use digital voice system.”  –Bill AA6BD

Our repeater on Castle Rock at 441.375 MHz is a Yaesu repeater that is set up as a WIRES-X Node.  On this repeater, we host a “room” SONOMACOUNTY #62732.  Using WIRES-X, you can connect to this room or to any other WIRES-X room.  If you tune to this frequency and put your radio in DN (Digital Narrow) voice mode, you can participate in the currently active room and/or with others who also tune to this frequency.  To learn more about Yaesu System Fusion and its WIRES-X capability, see this presentation from the club meeting on Wednesday, July 1, 2020.

Presentation on YSF-7-1-2020

Make sure to set your radio to CTCSS 88.5 in order to avoid YSF digital noise on your rig when in FM mode!