FRS / GMRS Activity in Sonoma County

This document attempts to identify FRS/GMRS activity in Sonoma County as of March 2021.

FRS/GMRS emergency preparations are aimed in different circumstances at (i) “the last mile” communications using very cheap radios, (ii) hub communications with more-involved communicators such as CERT members using more-expensive GMRS duplex-capable radios, and (iii) to-Incident Command links.

Sebastopol –SNCU (Sebastopol Neighborhood Communications Unit) has a quadrant / 4-ham hubs as part of Map Your Neighborhood (MYN).  SNCU amateur operator at Sebastopol Fire Dept – GMRS can reach all parts of the City.  FRS will be the intra-quadrant (“the last mile”) communications.  Communications from the quadrants to the Fire Department may be either GMRS or amateur radio.   See below for the channel plan for FRS/GMRS channel assignments.

Fitch Mountain – Has communications problems.  Investigating GMRS repeater as a way to connect people with full-duplex.  SCRA 2-meter and other amateur radio repeaters do not work there.

Bodega – is investigating a GMRS repeater.

Cazadero – is investigating several GMRS repeaters – Tony Goodwin and Damian Boune

Occidental – is investigating a GMRS repeater. – Safer West County

Russian River – is investigating GMRS repeaters – Guerneville & Russian River ACS Unit.

(Damian Boune): I would appreciate it if the Guerneville and Russian River ACS unit would contact me. I have multiple sites selected, some funding acquired, and future plans for tower access in progress.

Fort Ross and Timber Cove – Installed GMRS repeaters at Fire Departments and Muniz Ranch through a local grant.

Note: These repeaters are permission only for local use.

Fort Ross – Channel 16 (462.5750+ 173.8PL).
Timber Cove – Channel 16 (462.5750+ 167.9PL)
Muniz – Channel 16 (462.5750+ 162.2PL)

North County – very active CERT program.  Considering GMRS.  The main concern is connecting to CERT volunteers, not “the last mile”.

West Monroe District, Santa Rosa – “the last mile” GMRS simplex repeater on channel 22.  Listed as closed, but requests generously approved.  462.7250 MHz – no tones

Neighbor-to-neighbor simplex FRS/GMRS programs are known at

  • Sebastopol  – mobile home part
  • Green Valley Net – west of Graton – Channel 17
  • Guernewood Neighborhoods Association – [Lois & Damian]
    • notes that channel 15 is often used for high-power simplex
    • uses channel 3 for weekly nets (Wednesday evenings)
  • Sebastopol Map Your Neighborhood:
City zone MYN-to-hub channel Hub-to-net-control channel
North 1 3
West 5 7
South 15 17
East 19 21
ICP common 16 4 (fallback)

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Mike Von der Porten