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    Looking for some opinions here.

    Over New Years, if all plans work out, KG6PEP and myself should find ourselves camped out under the stars in Anza Borrego State Park. Its in the southern most part of the state between the Salton Sea and the Mexican border. This is one the rare times where I know where I will be camping, as we are joining a larger group. Anyway, for at least two nights we should be camped at the location pictured below.

    Lat Lon is 32.978804° -116.211930° (Check it out on Google Earth)

    My question to you is, what type of antenna would you recommend?

    There is not a tree in site, and those that are down there are about 10 feet tall. Shade will be provided by the big (60-70′ high) rock formation which I believe is mostly to the southeast. This is a dry wash area with hills all around.

    At my ready disposal is a 80 meter Carolina Windom (offset center dipole), a Buddipole (able to convert it to a vertical), and a 40 – 10 screwdriver. I have had good luck with all of them in different locations, but this looks to be a challenge.

    It looks like I could climb the bluff and string up one end of the Windom, and could bring 20 feet of fiberglass pole for the other end. But the road (trail) is about 25′ away from the bluff which puts me out in the roadway (and in the sun) for operations.

    One caveat, is that if there is any rain in the forecast, we will probably end up moving somewhere else. (Out of a wash)

    So all wise and knowing members. What would you do?

    Let me know if anyone is interested in setting up a sked.

    Campsite at Anza Borrego



    What a beautiful and serene landscape to spend the new years’ at!
    I’m envious.

    I think I would use the screwdriver with some attached radials.
    String out the radials and put some rocks on them to keep them tidy.
    Watch out for scorpions and rattlers.

    A sloper could work with one end up on a cliff but if you need to move due to rain you can’t depend on natural landscape antenna supports. Using the screwdriver addresses the moving uncertainty and doesn’t rely on high antenna supports close by.

    Yeah, give me day, time, mode, and frequency information and I’ll try to contact you!



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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