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    This is a thread to give an idea to others what you are working on. It could be a project, a special event, a class, or simply that you got on the air. Try and keep it short and lets see where this leads.


    Last night I tried to make contact with Indianapolis Motor Speedway (W9IMS) as they were having a special event due to the race this weekend. I also listened to someone out of Hawaii (also 20m). One thing that is becoming apparent to me is that a barefoot KX3 has a hard time against the big guns out there. 😉 But, it makes the win that much more delicious.

    Other than that I am starting a plan on a mobile set-up for my vehicle (new to me, used Toyota UZJ100 ’05). Looking for a good radio with x-band capability. Not too interested in APRS but I’m also not ignoring it completely. Mobile presents some interesting challenges as everything appears to be a compromise.


    I’ve been a lot of SOTA activations and Chasing lately.
    Any one interested in going on an activation with me?


    Ed, The Iphone App I use for SOTA Notifications is:
    SOTA Goat, Version 1,2,1 by Rockwell Schlock, WW1X
    Works like a charm.


    Great app, thanks for the tip.
    Ed W1EJ

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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