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    I’m looking for a Tri-band radio…..Dx Engineering says that the major manufacturers aren’t making them….

    AA6RH (Randy)

    Darryl, are you looking for mobile or handheld?

    HRO apparently got a delivery of some Kenwood TH-D74 handhelds, not cheap, but will do triband. Act fast if you want one, they’re not likely to last very long given that Kenwood has officially discontinued the model.

    If it’s mobile, the AnyTone D578 does triband, with the understanding that the 220 capability on that rig is low power only (~5 watts). It has many of the quirks of DMR radios in the marketplace (i.e. you generally need to program it using a Windows computer) but the AnyTone does have the ability to make changes to channels using the mic keypad and menu system.


    Good afternoon Darryl, you might check out the BTECH UV-25X4:

    BTECH UV-25X4

    I own several and if you want to try one out, I would be glad to lend it. It can be programmed via Chirp and I have the programming cable for it too.

    Mike – KI6HHJ


    Baofeng also makes an HT Triband sold by Mirkit here in the USA. MK3x aka UV-5RX3. Its very inexpensive on ebay.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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