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    Share your tips and tricks here.

    Need a way to carry and dispense paracord without it kinking?

    I came across this on a website and it works, for 100’ of 550 paracord, take a 1.25 liter plastic soft drink bottle (your choice), wash it out, let it dry, Drill a 3/32 hole in the cap (deburr it).
    Now take 100’ of paracord, unroll it making sure there are no kinks. Feed it into the bottle, rattling it along the way to push the cord to the bottom. Thread the loose end through the cap, then store it in your trunk for future deployment. Its not nearly as fast as winding it up on a reel, but it stores nicely and keeps the cord clean.


    Here is a tip for winding wire antennas for storage. I use a Kite Reel to wind the wire for storage.

    Amazon has these for under $10

    I remove the kite twine and cut a notch where the twine is guided onto the spool. I drilled a hole in the reel to feed the wire onto the reel. The Kite Reel has a folding handle and a ratchet stop. I wind 75 feet of wire from my End Fed antenna on the reel for storage. This would work for portable radial wires as well. Keeps the wire stored smoothly without kinking and is easy to wind up or deploy.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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