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    Alternative to Pelican Cases

    I was looking for a carry case for my KX3. One that I could pack in the back of the Jeep and not worry about it getting banged around during a road trip. When I looked at the cost of Pelican cases I thought “geesh” these are expensive. So began my quest to find alternatives. What I settled on was a case manufactured by Fuerte and distributed by They are made in the USA, meet Mil-Spec standards, and have a lifetime Guarantee. Prices are 1/3rd or so under the cost of Pelican.
    The popular Pelican 1450 case on Google is $94. The equal to that (Seahorse SE-520 with padding) is $48.

    For the KX3, I bought the SE-430 model with padding. So far, it looks like it will function quite nicely.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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