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    Several Solder Reflow (toaster) ovens with controllers were made available to SCRA hams by John WB6FRZ at the January 2018 meeting. I was one who brought one home. I have located the Arduino source code, and can update the oven’s controller firmware. I’ve modified the code to be more tolerant of intermittent “bad” temperature readings.
    I’ve also purchased some teflon tubing that I use to protect the thermocouple wire as it goes through the 1/4 inch copper tubing.

    If you also have one of these and would like to get a copy of the firmware source, or to have me update your firmware (for instance, to change the temperature profile), please contact me.

    (I’ve begun to build a hand-held solder paste dispenser that uses a small stepper motor and a ATmega328 microcontroller (just like in the Arduino Uno used in the reflow oven controller.)

    Dave WA8YWQ

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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