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    Dear Fellow Contester:

    Since you enjoy participating in shorter domestic SSB contests, we want to be sure that you are aware of an exciting four hour event of this type coming up this Saturday, January 31st — the North American SSB Sprint! The NA SSB Sprint takes place on 20m, 40m and 80m this Saturday afternoon/evening:
    UTC: 00z-04z
    AST: 8pm-12am
    EST: 7pm-11pm
    CST: 6pm-10pm
    MST: 5pm-9pm
    PST: 4pm-8pm
    AKST: 3pm-7pm
    HST: 2pm-6pm

    Here are some of the highlights and features of this event
    A group of dedicated contesters are now guiding the SSB Sprint Contest and have made several big changes to improve participation. For example, per request, the DC and KH6 have been added as multipliers, plus the MAR and NWT VE multipliers has been broken down further. Also, an amazing new awards program has been created (more on that below). Planned activity is expected to be at least THREE TIMES higher than other recent SSB Sprints!
    The contest is only 4 hours long. No need to worry about extended time in the chair. Ideal for folks who have families or obligations, but still would like to fully participate in an amateur radio contest.
    Categories for QRP, Low Power (100w) and High Power, with separate awards for each.
    You enter as an individual, but you can also register a team of 5 individuals. See
    It has a unique QSY rule: Unlike most contests, the SSB Sprint has a QSY rule that prevents contestants from CQing on the same frequency over and over. In the SSB Sprint, if you call CQ and then work a station, you must QSY at least 5kHz before you can call CQ again or at least 1kHz before answering someone else’s CQ. Most competitors find Searching and Pouncing (S&P) for new QSOs to be more rewarding, than it is to call CQ. Some helpful Tips & Tricks here:
    New! Awards for many levels of achievement!

    See for a full list of the awards available. Here are the highlights:

    Every log submitted is eligible for a random drawing for door prizes.
    T-shirt for anyone working all 50 States. WAS in 4 hours — can you do it?
    Plaques for the High Power, Low Power and QRP top entries.
    Certificates to the Top 10 in each power category.
    Certificates to the top entry in each State/Province/NA DX.
    Certificates to the members of the Top Team.
    Achievement Certificates for various levels of scores, starting at 1200 points (about 40 QSOs and 30 mults).
    Need more information?

    Our website at has the Contest Rules, a Multiplier Checklist, Logging Software info, Operating Tips & Tricks, Planned Activity (list of ops planning on operating), Suggested Frequencies, and a Contact Us form if you have any questions. Speaking of logging software… if your software does not yet support and score all the new multipliers, don’t worry — just make a note of it and then after the contest, you can manually edit the Cabrillo log to show the right mult/abbreviation. Our log checking software will also be looking for and correcting these issues as well.

    P.S. If you decide to be a part of the fun, you can include yourself under the “Planned Activity” tab by filling out the form at — This helps the NA SSB Sprint contest committee to make sure there will be ample activity from all states and provinces/territories.

    73 and CU in the Sprint this Saturday!

    NA SSB Sprint Committee

    Contest Manager:
    Chris Tate, N6WM

    Committee Members:
    Bill Kollenbaum, K4XS
    Dan Eskenazi, K7SS
    Paul Gentry, K9PG
    Scott Neader, KA9FOX
    Bob Hayes, KW8N
    Jay Camac, N4OX
    Eric Silverthorn, NM5M
    MIke Wetzel, W9RE
    Todd Dravland, WDØT

    SSB Sprint Website:

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