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    Mini-DX 2016 is scheduled for August 4, 5, 6 & 7. The Location is A.W. Way Park in Humboldt County. Additional information can be found under Club Activities.

    Attached is a draft Ops Plan.

    The confirmed signup list as of 7/30/16 is:

    Doug Payne KF6LMB
    Keith Payea AG6CI(may arrive late)
    Dave Harrison +Joy W6IBC+KI6ASJ
    John Felton +1 KE5RI
    Ed Jacobson W1EJ
    Charlie Sikes KZ6T
    Fred Seitel +1 AE6SF (Friday arrival)
    Aaron Marroquin +3 KK6ZDB
    Eric McHenry +1 AA6EM
    Iola Beckley KK6HRE
    Jack Christensen K6ROW

    If you are interested in participating, please contact Doug KF6LMB.


    This will be a first-MiniDX for me. I’ll likely be solo & tenting. But may decide to drag up the trailer. Have been out to Honeydew/etc many times and on all the routes, including portions of (4) – but I agree; not #4 this time for me!

    I’ll give some thought on what bands. Need to understand MiniDX some more. Am good to go with a BuddiPole and Yaesu 897 on 2-40m bands. Also have VHF/UHF of course w/JPoles, etc.

    I assume no AC power, right? I can bring a couple of Honda 2000 generators if needed (will probably bring one at least). Let me know if second is desired/needed.

    Might toss my vespa-type scooter in the back of the truck also – great riding out there. Will try to get my +1 spouse to join, but who knows!


    Hi Eric
    One aspect of Mini-DX you may be interested in is Summits on The Air (SOTA).

    Last year, Ed W1EJ and I attempted 2 activations. We successfully activated Chemise Mountain, but were only able to make 3-contacts from North Slide Peak. (Although there is an interesting side story off how we rescued an off-roader.) There are a number of registered peaks in the nearby vicinity, the problem with some of them is that they are on private land. Even accessing the public land ones can be a bit sketchy because of the growing season. (The public 4×4 road to North Slide Peak had a lot of irrigation paraphernalia along it. Then there were the “hunters” we spotted.)

    My intent this year is to activate a couple of nearby peaks on Friday. Cooksie Mtn is just over 2-miles from the camp and “appears” to be on public land. Moody Ridge also looks to be on public land and is just over 4 miles from camp. Both have nearby road access. One that I am certain we can get is Mt. Pierce. Just over 12 miles away but it will take a least 90 minutes drive time to get there. So let us know if you (or anyone else) would be interested in operating SOTA and I can provide a bit more information.

    BTYW, you are correct on there being no AC power (or RV hookups). As mentioned in the Ops Plan, the preference is to run off of batteries and try to only use generators for re-charging. For Mini-DX-2 we operated with generators a lot. Not only did they interfere with the radios, they disturbed the very quiet environment. We do have a need for one on Saturday night for a after dinner Powerpoint presentation.


    It’s my plan to bring along my two girls (6yo and 3yo) and my wife (party of four).

    Gear wise, I’m in the process of building a 40m dipole and will bring my KX3 (barefoot). For power I have a solar module from Joe (K6AWA) and will bring a low noise (supposedly) charge controller and a lead-acid battery.

    As this is my first mini-DX I’m going to attempt to keep it simple and learn from everyone else. The SOTAs sound fun but I’m not sure how the girls would enjoy it.

    For the road(s) up, any special needs on vehicles, sliders, winches, etc.?


    Doug suggested we post up what we all will be bringing.

    This is the list of radio gear I will be bringing on the trip. All are welcome to tryout the gear.

    Miscellaneous Gear
    Antenna Launcher: Same type that is used at Field Day. There are lots of tall trees to string wire dipoles or inverted V’s into.
    Antenna Analyzer: Rigexpert AA-600
    Coax & fittings: Don’t forget it (been there, done that)

    80M Carolina Windom, its an off-center fed dipole that tunes up nicely on all bands from 80M to 10M.
    Budipole on a 25’ mast. Configures and tunes up on most all bands. Anticipate setting it up for 6M
    Screwdriver, vertical antenna that tunes from 80M to 10M. Anyone is welcome to use it.
    Elk 2M log periodic: For SOTA work.

    Elecraft KX3: HF to VHF QRP rig. Have had excellent results in camp using this combined with the Windom
    Icom 7000: HV – UHF 100w rig. Probably will set this up for PSK31
    Mobile rig and HT

    Note that if anyone would like to use or tryout the Club’s loaners, let me know.
    Rigs for loan include:
    Yaesu 2900: 2M 75W mobile station
    Yaesu FT60: VHF-UHF HT
    Yaesu FT1DR: VHF-UFH HT with APRS and Fusion Digital (very nice rig)


    I am planning to attend if I can drive due to surgery recovery. I have had two offers of others to drive me if I can’t. Thanks for the help.
    Items that will be taken either way will be 2 inverted V antennas. One for 80-6 meters, and the other 40 to 6 meters. They both work fairly well on most bands. Two 4-1 baluns for the ladder 300 ohm lines with a couple of coax from the breadbox. A bag full of line for the V antennas supports, sledge hammer, and a couple of steel anchor stakes, and of course the caution tape. Radio will be the old workhorse Icom 706 with auto tuner, and a back up manual tuner just in case.Power will be a 100 amp hour marine battery, with solar panel for recharge.For 2 meter coverage I will have my Yeasu 60 watt unit used in my truck, and have an elk 2 meter antenna with a 1″ mast, if using my truck will have a 12 foot mast transported on my rack.

    Camping stuff I will bring my metal firepit (old washing machine drum) full of wood, and a box of fire wood. Two club easy ups, 2 alu compact tables, one 6 foot plastic table with two beach chairs. A red and white plastic table top cover. 2 coolers with ice, and a tub for washing dishes. As a back up I will have a coleman two burner cook stove, and 2 bottles of propane with a box of stick matches. Of course a couple of flashlights.

    Food, and cooking stuff TBD later. Doug KF6LMB


    I also will bring a buddypole, but not sure how effective it will be. All os the equipment will be available for those who might wish to get on the air. So use my antennas with your equipment, or use my entire set up that is fine.

    Use the 147.55 travel frequency while in transit. When West of Weott, and at the top of the hill call the campsite for contact. The first person at the site will monitor 147.55, and provide info if needed. Prior to the entrance to the park a portable white “Radio” sign will be posted. A second “Radio” sign will be posted at the entrance. The entrance is on the left side of the road, and is difficult to see, without advance warning.


    Here is a link to photos from this years event
    2016 photos

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