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    There are several groups that have adapted WiFi routers so that they may used in dynamic mesh networks on the 13 cm ham band. The Linksys WRT54G and similar, and some Ubiquiti wireless routers are supported by replacement firmware written by the Broadband-Hamnet group (HSMM-MESH). There are also OpenWRT and B.A.T.M.A.N..
    No fixed infrastructure is needed. The network automatically reconfigures itself as stations (nodes) become available or unavailable.
    I’d like to talk with anyone interested in such networks.


    Sounds fun. I have a few devices that would run the modified firmware, should we give it a go?



    I’ll post again since I got my vanity call sign on here now and my old post shows as anon. I do have a few devices to play with, and would like to test this out.

    -Chris (W6CGS)


    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for the reply.

    I think you’re in northwest Rohnert Park. I’m in northwest Santa Rosa.
    Without an intermediate station it may be difficult for us to establish a direct link, even with dish antennas (mmmm I have some large redwood trees that may be just in the wrong place!)

    A number of years ago, before DSL internet access was as widely available as it is today, I was part of the “No Cat Network”, based in Sebastopol (with meetings at O’Reilly) that was installing a WiFi network to distribute internet access to those who couldn’t get DSL.

    Here are a few web sites–
    Griffs Digital Ham Radio Site — Digital Emergency Communications
    –lists some advantages & disadvantages of using 2.4GHz “WiFi”-like nodes —

    There’s a link on that page to this one —
    by the Washington State University ham club,
    showing a few simulations of signal path & loss.

    Here are some sites —
    (there’s replacement firmware to download for Linksys and Ubiquiti WiFi routers)

    note especially the link on this page to a .pdf
    near the top, “Hardware guide to print “,
    with details on quite a few wireless routers.

    Alternative firmware at

    Another firmware

    I do have two dish antennas that could be used on 2.4GHz (though I have no idea where or how I could mount them!). I don’t currently have an appropriate wireless router to use. If you already have one, it might make sense for me to try to find a similar one (on ebay).

    My email is mcquate (at) sonic (dot) net — so we can correspond more directly.

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