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    High Sierra Screwdriver Antenna
    Cleaning out my garage I found a High Sierra 1800 Screwdriver antenna that I have not used in years that I offer up for sale to a club member before putting it on EBAY.

    Package includes:
    Screwdriver antenna
    Mounting Bracket
    Manual toggle switch
    50’ control cable
    Instruction Manual
    Better RF 7000 TUNE Controller

    This is a HF antenna that ranges from 75m to 10m. It does this via a motorized shaft that slides up and down along a coil finding a resonate location. It makes use of a 12v screwdriver motor mounted in the shaft (hence the name). It was made as a mobile antenna to mount to a vehicle and tune manually or automatically while driving. I did have it mounted to my vehicle but always operated portable upon reaching my destination. The auto controller is made to work with an Icom-7000, but I don’t see why it would not work with any modern Icom radio. With the 7000, you just dialed in the frequency to operate at, hit the tune button and the antenna would self tune itself to that frequency by moving up or down the coil looking for the lowest SWR. For other radios I have heard of Hams making auto controllers with an Arduino.

    High Sierra went out of the antenna business long ago. I think they made good antenna products, it’s just that they had terrible product support. I believe I had about $600 into it new. I would like $200 for it.

    Overall length ranges between 112″ and 137″

    I put it on my analyzer with the following results.
    80m. SWR 1.54:1 Its really narrow band on 80.
    40m SWR 1.15:1 Under 2 for about half the band
    20m SWR 1.06:1 Under 1.65 across the band
    15m SWR 1.35:1. Under 1.63 across the band

    Some people put cap hats on the antenna to widen out 80m. I was operating PSK portable on 80 so I did not mind the narrow-band.

    Call, text or email if interested
    Charlie Sikes
    707 360 8340

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