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    With Field Day coming up and the educational program being soldering PL259s I thought I would start a thread on connectors. I bought 100′ of LMR400 last year in our group buy and have not done anything with it. Figured it was a good time to put some connectors on it. Assuming that I want PL259s, which one is best? Amphenol always seem to talked about as being the best, but even they make different versions.

    Do you have any experience with:
    crimp vs solder
    phenolic vs teflon (083-1SP vs 083-822) $4.95 vs $5.95


    So, I am looking to build a new antenna, a G5RV variant (ZS6BKW) and in the process of looking for the supplies I cam across an article from DavisRF on solder vs crinp. While not an expert in either (I have exactly one antenna I’ve built and it was a random wire…) I found this an interesting read. Curious to see what other think.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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