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    My project and question is not specifically ham related but is DC power related and may related to powering ham equipment too.

    My project to use a battery to power LED lights in closet. The LED light strip comes with a motion sensor and power by a AC to DC power supply. The output of the power supply is listed as 12V 1500mA.
    I want to use a LiFePO4 battery to power the lights. When the lights are plugged in to the power supply, they work normal, by coming on with some movement near the sensor and then turn off after a set time frame.

    When connected to the battery the light will come one for the pre-set amount of time, turn off and 1-2 seconds turn back on. This happens even with out movement and even when the sensor is covered.

    What can I do to make this work the same on the battery as the power supply. Is this happening due to the LiFePPO4 battery being 14 volts? Would an inexpensive buck convertor dialed to 12 volt out put do the trick?

    Thanks in advance,

    Fred AE6SF

    I wouldn’t use an inexpensive buck converter as it would likely be RF noisy. You could drop about 2V using four silcon diodes in series. That would be RF quiet.

    Can you monitor the output voltage from the battery pack to determine if it is dropping out or fluctuating after the time-out period? Check that it is charging up fully vs. being almost depleted. And can it handle the current level that is required (meaning does it have a battery management system [BMS]) that might be shutting it down on overload)?

    I am curious. What is the required current?

    – Fred AE6SF

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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