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    I am not really sure how I got on this mailing list, but it seemed like a good bit of information to pass along. Rather than putting it out a mass emailer, I will just post it here for your viewing enjoyment.
    … KZ6T

    Live Webcast
    Arduino for Ham Radio

    Please join us for a special webcast featuring our special guest, Glen Popiel, KW5GP, author of the newly released ARRL publication, Arduino for Ham Radio. This event will be webcast from W5KUB’s personal ham shack on Thursday, October 30th at 8:00 PM CT (0100 UTC). Arduino devices are powerful and inexpensive microcontrollers, and they are an easy way for ham radio operators, students, and professionals to create devices that interact with their environment using sensors and actuators. Glen will discuss Arduino and its many applications. Glen will show and demonstrate projects from his book. He may even bring some surprise projects not in the book. Glen’s projects include:

    Random Code Practice Generator
    Talking GPS/UTC Time/Grid Square Indicator
    CW Beacon and Foxhunt Keyer
    Iambic Keyer
    Fan Speed Controller
    Waveform Generator
    Digital Compass
    PS/2 CW Keyboard
    Weather Station
    Field Day Satellite Tracker
    RF Probe with LED Bar Graph
    Azimuth/Elevation Rotator Controller
    Solar Battery Charger Monitor
    CW Decoder
    On-Air Indicator
    Lightning Detector
    Talking SWR Meter
    CDE/Hy-Gain Rotator Controllers

    To join the webcast go to where the fun begins! For the first time, there will be a telephone line for viewers to join the webcast. Viewers can ask questions or discuss their own Arduino projects. During the live webcast, viewers can chat with us or other ham radio operators from around the world.

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