Amateur Radio Exam Sessions

 Upcoming Exam Sessions 2021:

  • Saturday, October 9, 9am to noon 

If you’ve been studying for a new license or upgrade, your next opportunity to take your test in-person will be Saturday, October 9. This will be an indoor session at the Bennett Valley Grange Hall. Face masks are required.

However, we are also working with PARC to deliver On-Line Exams.  To see what this entails, please visit PARC’s website for On-Line Exams ( ) . Please understand that following these instructions is required to ensure the integrity of the exam and to be respectful of the time required by the Volunteer Examiner (VE) team and any other candidates that are scheduled after your slot. 

Please Note that due to stay-at-home requirements and bans on gatherings due to COVID-19, our next in-person session will be a Drive-In Exam Session on Saturday, July 17. Such sessions require pre-registration.

Drive-In Exam Sessions can only accommodate a limited number of candidates. That limit has not yet been determined, but will be at least 10 candidates, possibly as many as 20 if we have a sufficient number of Volunteer Examiners (VEs). The earlier you pre-register, the more likely you will be assigned a slot at our next session. If you complete the pre-registration process after the limit has been reached, you will be placed on a waiting list. 

The pre-registration process begins by you sending an e-mail to me, Brian Torr, N6IIY to with the following information:

  1. Full Name
  2. Amateur Radio Callsign (if already licensed)
  3. Exam(s) you would like to take (Technician, General, or Amateur Extra)

After I receive this information, I will send you more detailed instructions and a form to fill out. The pre-registration process is completed once you return the form.  

If there are any last-minute cancellations or change of venue, I will contact you via e-mail.

Directions to Bennett Valley Grange Hall:

From Hwy 101, take the Hwy 12 exit east. At Farmer’s Lane, turn right and go two blocks to Bennett Valley Rd. Turn left onto Bennett Valley for 1.8 miles, where Bennett Valley Rd. meets Yulupa Ave. Turn right to stay on Bennett Valley Rd. Continue on Bennett Valley Rd for approximately 2.25 miles to Grange Rd. Turn right onto Grange Rd. Bennett Valley Grange Hall will be approximately 0.5 miles from from Bennett Valley Rd on the right.


Testing begins at 9:00am. Please arrive by 8:45am

Candidates should bring the following:

  • Face mask 
  • One (1) photo ID or two (2) non-photo ID
  • FCC Registration Number (FRN)
  • Original and photocopy of your current amateur radio license (if licensed)
  • Original and photocopy of any valid CSCEs (if applicable)
  • Original and photocopy of any documents submitted for exam credit (see Exam Element Credit below)
  • #2 Pencil and eraser
  • $15.00 exam fee. Checks may be made payable to “ARRL-VEC”. Only checks will be accepted at Drive-Up Exam Sessions.

Calculators may be used, but it must be demonstrated that all memories and programs have been erased. The calculator function in a cell phone or PDA may not be used!

If you have any special needs, please contact Brian Torr, N6IIY in advance.

Obtain an FRN Prior to Exam Session:

One of the pieces of information required is a Federal Registration Number (FRN).  In the past, we used to allow the use of a Social Security Number (SSN) if you did not yet have an FRN. However use of SSNs is no longer allowed. Those that are upgrading already have an FRN and that should be used. Also, by using FRNs instead of SSNs, the processing of the paperwork after the exam can be expedited. 

For sessions requiring preregistration, applicants for a new license must apply for an FRN directly from the FCC before the exam.

For sessions that accept walk-ins (no preregistration required) we will still require an FRN, but it will be possible to apply for an FRN at the exam session.

To apply for an FRN, go to this FCC website:

Follow the link to New User Registration.

You can also find some helpful information regarding the FRN process at this website:


Exam Element Credit for Expired Licenses

The FCC now offers partial credit for expired General, Advanced or Amateur Extra class Amateur Radio licenses. A license that has expired and gone beyond the two year grace period will be canceled in the FCC system. The licensee will not automatically qualify for a new license. At a minimum, previous license holders must take the current 35-question Technician exam at a VE exam session to return to Amateur Radio.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide documents to obtain this credit. For information on where to obtain such documents, refer to the following URL (expand the link to “Valid Forms of Exam Element Credit for Expired Licenses”)

Please have these documents before appearing at an amateur radio exam session.

Good Luck!

Brian Torr, N6IIY
(707) 575-5871 (home)