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Technician Licensing Weekend Class

Event Chair: Cornell Chesnik


Our ongoing effort to introduce new hams to the wonderful world of ham radio continues with a weekend class ~ Friday night, Saturday & Sunday, October 11, 12, 13, 2019. Friday, 6-8pm is an introduction to materials that will be covered. Saturday 8am - 6pm, Sunday 8am - 4pm. When signing up, you may not have your call sign so just type in 'none' in the space calling for a call sign. Class material needs to be purchased prior to Friday the 11th. Cost for materials is $20. There is no charge for the class. Bring your lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Morning donuts will be offered. Bring your coffee thermos and class text so you can become familiar with the material. Testing will be done on Sunday at about 2pm by our licensed Volunteer Examiners. The cost of the test is $15 that will go to the FCC for your license. Location for the class will be the training room at the Graton Fire Protection District Firehouse at 3750 Gravenstein Highway (State Route 116) North of Sebastopol, CA. Contact Cornell with any questions and to obtain class materials at

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October 11, 2019

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