Public Service

Sonoma County Radio Amateurs has a long history of providing amateur radio support for public events. Sonoma County offers a spectacular backdrop for challenging athletic events and thus challenging radio operating conditions. We have provided communications for numerous events that occur in remote areas where cellular coverage is nil to non-existent. SCRA goes the extra mile to work with our event promoters’ needs and works in concert to ensure that events are safely supported by radio coverage. All events are open to participation from new users to experienced hams. If you are new to the hobby, come out and enjoy working in the field with experienced hams and get to know the county like you never have before. For questions about SCRA Public Service Events, please contact the Public Service Chair, to be determined.

Note! All signups for events are now handled on-line. Check it out! The Comm Boss for an event reserves the right to adjust your signup based on his/her knowledge of the event.

Note!! SAGs!  Some of the bike events have SAG positions available. Note that SCRA does not manage SAG drivers for any event. That is the responsibility of the event’s organizers – if you wish to SAG you should also volunteer at the organizer’s volunteer web page and note that you are also an amateur radio operator.

Shadow Operators: For some of the events you will see a sign-up position for Shadows. This is a position created for those wanting to see first hand how a Public Service event operates without taking on the position’s full responsibility.  Sign up to be a shadow if you are new to the system and the Comm Boss will assign you to a location.

SCRA Public Service Events for 2017 – updated 2017 April 14 [K6XLT]

Lake Sonoma 50 – 15 April
Operational Time: 0600-2000
Operational Area: Western Arm (Warm Springs Arm) of Lake Sonoma / Warm Springs Dam
Net Control Location: South Lake Trailhead (off Skaggs Springs-Stewarts Point Rd) at the event’s Start-Finish
What: 50 mile foot race [Ultra running event]
Web Site:
Repeater: No
Comments: This event is run on remote trails behind Lake Sonoma. The club repeater and others are not reachable in this locale. In many ways this event is identical to SoNoMaS as they both use the same trail in the same remote area of Lake Sonoma, and have the same radio requirements.

  • Operations for this event are in simplex, usually with HTs and directional antennas.
  • NC sets up at the South Lake Trailhead – same as Start-Finish for the event.
  • Traffic consists of tracking the top 10 male and female runners, aid station status and medical/lost runners.
  • Aid Stations are remote and sometimes require as much as 45 minutes to reach from NC. One requires a boat ride.
  • Come prepared to work in a remote area with sufficient personal supplies to be comfortable.

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Wine Country Century (WCC) – 6 May 2017
Operational Time: 0600-1800
Operational Area: Start – Finish is at Luther Burbank Center (LBC) and the course ranges to the coast at Coleman Valley and north to Warm Springs Dam, including the Alexander Valley
Net Control Location: NC sets up at the SE corner of LBC
What: Recreational Century Ride, 2500 riders
Web Site:
Repeater: Yes – on the SCRA Repeater.
Santa Rosa Cycling Club is a huge supporter of SCRA. SCRA is one of the beneficiaries of SRCC’s premier fund raising event – please come out and help support them. This is a fun, easy event, and a great place to get started in public service, test your portable/emergency equipment, and/or refresh your skills. This event is HT-friendly (depending on location) and low-stress.

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Ironman 70.3 Half Triathlon – 13 May 2017
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Monte Rio Vineman Triathlon – 4 June 2017
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Terrible Two (TT) – 17 June 2017
Operational Time: 0530-2300
Operational Area: The northern half of Sonoma County (Geysers to Stewarts Point) with a short excursion into Napa County. Start – Finish is at Analy High School
Net Control Location: SE corner of the cafeteria.
What: 200 Mile, with a 200K option, endurance bicycle ride. ~250 riders
Web Site:
Repeater: Yes – on the K6ACS 2M Repeaters. This course is not HT friendly due to its remote areas.
Comm Boss: KZ6T

This is one of the toughest double centuries in the state and requires lots of good operating skills. We’ve got aid stations, a few NC slots, and SAGs available. While traffic consists of informational traffic, we do transmit rider number and times – you will get a lot of traffic handling experience. If you want to visit remote parts of Sonoma County, sagging for the TT is one way to do it. TT starts at 0530 and finishes around 2300. Again please help support SRCC who generously  support SCRA.

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More events to come!