Public Service

Sonoma County Radio Amateurs has a long history of providing amateur radio support for public events. Sonoma County offers a spectacular backdrop for challenging athletic events and thus challenging radio operating conditions. We have provided communications for numerous events that occur in remote areas where cellular coverage is nil to non-existent. SCRA goes the extra mile to work with our event promoters’ needs and works in concert to ensure that events are safely supported by radio coverage. All events are open to participation from new users to experienced hams. If you are new to the hobby, come out and enjoy working in the field with experienced hams and get to know the county like you never have before. For questions about SCRA Public Service Events, please contact the Public Service Chair.

Note! All signups for events are now handled on-line. Check it out! The Comm Boss for an event reserves the right to adjust your signup based on his/her knowledge of the event.

Note!! SAGs!  Some of the bike events have SAG positions available. Note that SCRA does not manage SAG drivers for any event. That is the responsibility of the event’s organizers – if you wish to SAG you should also volunteer at the organizer’s volunteer web page and note that you are also an amateur radio operator.

Shadow Operators: For some of the events you will see a sign-up position for Shadows. This is a position created for those wanting to see first hand how a Public Service event operates without taking on the position’s full responsibility.  Sign up to be a shadow if you are new to the system and the Comm Boss will assign you to a location.

SCRA Public Service Events for 2017 – Updated as of 28 July 2017

Tour D’Organics 13 August 2017

The Tour D’ Organics is a unique bike ride event in the western county, divided up into four routes of 16, 35, 65, and 100 miles.  7 Rest stops are located at organics farms and businesses along the routes. We are looking for radio operators to staff the rest stops.  Nice cushy, low key duty. Good food, shade, what else could you ask for. This year, the Tour will be organizing the SAGs (registering, assigning times, routes etc.)  If you are interested in being a Radio SAG, please sign up both here AND on the Tour’s volunteer webpage. This will be a repeater event.  Rest stops 1, 5, 6 & 7 should be an easy hop for an HT. Rest stops 2, 3 & 4 and Radio SAGS would be better served using a mobile rig.  We would like as many Radio Sags to be APRS equiped  as possible. Route maps can be found online at

Radio Hams are needed for Rest stops, and Radio SAGS.
Event Page here.
Signup here.

More event information can be found at

MS Society Waves to Wine: September 23rd and 24th, 2017

Waves to Wine is a 1-day or 2-day cycling adventure with 2,200 other passionate individuals. Riders customize own challenge, departing from San Francisco and traverse coastal Highway 1 on one of our longer routes or cruise the rolling hills and back roads of Sonoma County on a shorter option. Full meals, generous amenities, stunning landscapes, fully stocked rest stops and spirited festivities are all included.

  • Radio hams are needed for all Rest Stops (11 on Saturday and 6 on Sunday), providing primary and critical event communications on both days.  Expect lots of radio traffic, working with the event organizers and SAG team.
  • Operational Time: 0700 to 1600
  • Operational Area: Golden Gate, north to Santa Rosa.
  • Comms Boss: Eric McHenry (AA6EM)
  • Event Signup: Saturday and/or Sunday

Your volunteering for the MS Waves to Wine will drive MS research forward faster, and deliver services to those who face the challenges of MS every day so they can live their best lives.  For more information, visit the MS Society Waves to Wine website (more information, maps, etc)


Levi’s Gran Fondo (LGF) – 30 September 2017
Operational Time: 0700 – 2000
Operational Area: From west Santa Rosa out to the northwestern portions of Sonoma County – King’s Ridge, Stewarts Point, Coleman Valley Roads
Net Control Location: Finley Center, Santa Rosa.
What: 200 Mile, with a 200K option, endurance bicycle ride. ~250 riders
Web Site:
Repeater: Yes – on the linked K6ACS 2M Repeaters (146.730 Sonoma Mtn and 147.975 Seaview) with the SCRA repeater as backup/second channel. This course is not HT friendly due to its remote areas.
Comm Boss: K6XLT
Our official end of the year event. The biggest and the best. The Fondo, in five years, has become the largest event in the county drawing 5000 riders from all over the globe. We will be operating rest stops, SAGs and coordinating with Sonoma County Emergency Services.
Sign up here