Field Day

Come (Virtually) Join SCRA at Field Day 2021

Weekend of June 26 & June 27

Why Field Day???

ARRL Field Day (FD) started back in the 1930s as a test of amateur radio operator’s ability to work “in the field” under emergency-like conditions. FD has become one of the most popular events in ham radio and has grown beyond a mere teste of our EmComm capabilities. 

For Field Day 2020, we had a “Distributed Field Day” where each member operated individually but we collected the logs from individual member’s stations and calculated an aggregate club score. While many who participated enjoyed the event, the overwhelming desire was to go back to a more traditional Field Day such as we had in 2019. The recent Field Day Poll confirms this. 

Unfortunately, we did not get enough members committed to support Plan A – Traditional Field Day, so we will be proceeding with Plan B – Distributed Field Day. I want to thank all those of you that were in support of a traditional Field Day, and I hope you will also consider participating in Field Day 2022, which I am certain will be a traditional Field Day. 

Next Field Day Planning Meeting (NOTE: Date Changed!!!):

  • Saturday, June 12, 10:00am to 11:30am

Plan B – Distributed Field Day 

A distributed Field Day is what we will be doing for Field Day 2021. We will incorporate the Social Hours similar to what we did for Winter Field Day 2021. 

The recent Field Day polls show an interest in Field Day from some of our newer members who have yet to experience Field Day. I encourage those members that can do so to invite some of these new members into their home (safely, of course)to give them a taste of what operating on Field Day is all about. Granted, it will not be the traditional SCRA Field Day experience, but it is certainly a step in the right direction. 

For those of you that participated in Field Day 2020 and/or Winter Field Day 2021, you already have a good idea of what to do.

For those of you that did not participate in Field Day 2020, if you operate from your home using commercial power for your transmitter and receiver, you would be a Class D station. A change made last year allowed Class D stations to count contacts with all other classes of stations. An additional change for 2021 limits Class D stations to 150W transmitter power.

If you operate from your home using emergency power for your transmitter and receiver, you would be a Class E station. If you have a computer used solely for logging, it does not have to run off of emergency power. But if you have a computer that generates or demodulates the transmitted signal (such as for PSK-31 or RTTY), it does need to run off of emergency power.

If you operate at a location that is not a regular station location (such as a summer cabin) and operate under emergency power for your transmitter and receiver, you would be a Class B station.

We will also encourage operating on 2m FM, much like we did for Field Day 2020 and Winter Field Day 2021, so that we can involve as many SCRA members as possible.

So, please give consideration to operating Field Day this year as a Class D, E, or B station, whichever you can manage

Field Day on 2m FM ???

If you were wondering whether or not you could make Field Day contacts on 2m FM, the answer is “Absolutely, Yes!”. For more details, check out the article written by Fred Seitel, AE6SF that appeared in the June 2020 issue of Short Skip: Field Day on 2 Meters

Logging the Contacts

We encourage all members to log their contacts using the N3FJP Field Day Contest Log. You can download the software here: Field Day Contest Log

For more than 30 contacts, you will need to register the software, and the lifetime fee for that is $8.99. If you already have a copy registered, be sure to download version 6.6.

Fred, AE6SF, has put together a nice document for how to set up the N3FJP software. Check it out: N3FJP Field Day Logger Setup.

If you choose to use a different logging program, check to ensure that it can create an *.adi or *.adif file (most do). If so, that will work as well.  

Presentation from June 2, 2021 SCRA Meeting

If you missed the meeting on June 2 where we discussed Field Day, or just want to refresh your memory of what was presented, you can find the presentation here in PDF form:  Field Day 2021 Presentation

  • For More Information or and Invitation to future Field Day Planning Meetings, please contact me:

Brian Torr, N6IIY
Field Day Chairman
Tel: (707) 575-5871 (home)
(707) 953-0377 (mobile)