Field Day

Come Join SCRA at Field Day 2020 (even if only virtually)

Weekend of June 27 and June 28

Why Field Day????

Because it’s fun!!! Where else can you experience practically the full gamut of our wonderful hobby in just one weekend? You want to learn how to set up a station? Field Day’s go you covered. You want to learn how to set up antennas? Plenty of that happening at Field Day! Want to learn how to operate in an HF contest? Field Day’s just the ticket! Want to learn how to make a Satellite contact? We do that, too at Field Day! Want to  socialize with other hams and see what they’re up to? Come on down to Field Day! 

And, if you like camping, you are invited to camp out both Friday and Saturday nights!

The description above assumes we are doing Field Day as a large group. Unfortunately, for Field Day 2020, we will not be able to do this due to COVID-19.

Instead, we are looking into alternate ways to enjoy Field Day and still have as much fun as possible. Fortunately, the Field Day rules allow for a wide range of ways to participate. In the past, SCRA has done this as a Class A station (3 or more persons club/non-club portable).

But this year, we will be operating individually. We would still, however, like there to be a club element, such as collecting the logs from individual member’s stations and comparing SCRA’s group effort to that of other clubs.

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Field Day Logistics & Training Meeting:

  • June 20, 10:00 am to 11:30 am, On-Line – See Below for Details
June 20 Logistics & Training Meeting On-Line:

Due to concerns over COVID-19, our June 20  meeting will be held on-line. Especially for those new to Field Day, this will be a key opportunity to train on how to use a logging program and receive tips on how to operate a Field Day station. To receive an invitation to this meeting via e-mail, please send an e-mail to Brian Torr, N6IIY at You will be added to a distribution list that will receive the formal invitations. 

Field Day Weekend, June 27 and June 28:

  • Setup – It’s up to you
  • Operating – Begins Saturday, June 27, 11am
  • Educational Activity – This will be on-line; check back later for more details
  • Dinner – You’re on your own. Remember to keep your energy up!
  • Operating Ends Sunday, June 28, 11am
  • Tear Down Sunday, June 28, 11am until you’re done

Where:      Your place


  • Whatever you like

Bands: 160, 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m 10m, and >=50 MHz

Classification and Exchange: It’s up to you 


  • Use your own callsign

 SCRA Field Day 2020

Although our application had been approved for having Field Day at Youth Community Park, on Wednesday, April 29, we received word that all park permits for May and June have been cancelled. Therefore, Field Day 2020 will be more of a “distributed” effort, with each of us operating from their homes, preferably using emergency power.

I would like to encourage all SCRA members to participate as much as they can from home. Even if you only have a Technician class license, you can still participate. Try making contacts on 2m FM simplex (repeater contacts are not allowed).

If you operate from your home using commercial power, you would be a Class D station. Class D stations, however, cannot count contacts with other Class D stations.

If you operate from your home using emergency power for the transmitter and receiver, you would be a Class E station.

If you can set up a portable station somewhere other than your house and operate under emergency power, you would be a Class B station.

For a comparison of the various bonus points available to each class of station, click Field-Day-Bonus-Points.

Satellite Contacts

Charlie, KZ6T, is giving members an opportunity to use his satellite station to make a satellite contact during Field Day. For more details, click Field Day 2020 Work a Satellite

Field Day on 2m FM ???

If you were wondering whether or not you could make Field Day contact on 2m FM, the answer is “Absolutely, Yes!”. For more details, check out the article written by Fred Seitel, AE6SF that appeared in the June 2020 issue of Short Skip: Field Day on 2m

Also, Robert Klahn, AD6I, of the San Francisco Amateur Radio Club (SFARC) has put together a document encouraging their members and members of other Bay Area clubs to get on 2mFM. He also suggests calling frequencies. Here’s a link to their document: SFARC_FieldDay2020_on_2mFM

Logging the Contacts

We encourage all members to log their contacts using the N3FJP Field Day Contest Log. You can download the software here: Field Day Contest Log

You will need to register the software, and the fee for that is $8.99. If you already have a copy registered, be sure to download version 6.3, especially if you will be operating a Class D station.

We had hoped to be able to let individual stations use the club’s license for this software, but that is not allowed by N3FJP.

Fred, AE6SF, has put together a nice document for how to set up the N3FJP software. Check it out: .N3FJP Field Day Logger Setup

When submitting your log, there is a field where you can enter a club or group name. Please enter “Sonoma County Radio Amateurs”. Please enter this exactly as shown; otherwise, the ARRL will not accurately aggregate the scores from all participating SCRA members.

Also, please e-mail me a copy of your database file. To do this, click File, and then select Export ADIF. Select the location to save the file. Append your call sign to the end of the default file name.. The default file name is ARRL-FIELD-DAY. As an example, I would change the file name to “N6IIY_ARRL-FIELD-DAY”. These files will be used to determine who will win what we hope will be some highly-coveted awards. We haven’t dreamed up what all those awards will be, but they will be highly-coveted.

Remember, you can’t win if you don’t enter!

WinLink Virtual Educational Activity

Bill Dornbush, AA6BD, will be leading virtual educational activity on WinLink. The details can be found here: Winlink2020.

Oops! I’m missing a few pieces!

We recognize that some of you might not have everything you need to mount a Field Day effort and it might not be possible to get what you need by the time Field Day weekend arrives. SCRA has some equipment you might be able to borrow for the weekend and several members have indicated that they have spare cables, antennas, etc. If you would like to borrow something, please send an e-mail to and we will see what we can do for you..

For More Information:

A copy of the presentation made at the June 3 SCRA meeting will be posted here. Please check back later.

Brian Torr, N6IIY

Field Day Chairman

Tel: (707) 575-5871 (home)

(707) 953-0377 (mobile)