Turlock Amateur Radio Club Auction

October 14, 2017 @ 8:00 AM
Crossroads Church
1360 N Johnson Rd
Turlock, CA 95380
Grady Williams, K6IXA

General Auction Information/Guidelines

Since 1990 the Turlock Amateur Radio Club (TARC) has conducted auctions of ham equipment as a community service to the widows and beneficiaries of “silent keys.”

The auctions benefit the ham community by providing opportunities not otherwise available:

  • New hams get an opportunity to purchase equipment at prices that are a fraction of the cost of new equipment at the retail store. A great way to get into a new hobby.
  • Experienced hams get an opportunity to purchase classic equipment items and accessories for equipment lines that are no longer currently at available at retail stores.
  • All hams get an opportunity to purchase supplies and small parts and build up their own stocks of bits and pieces to repair old equipment or build new homebrew goodies (doo-hickeys or what-cha-ma-callits!).

The Club receives a “contribution” to its’ coffers which is used to:

  • Pay the direct costs of the Auction such as hall rentals, advertising, cleaning fees.
  • Maintain the repeater systems situated on mountaintops, six San Joaquin Valley cities and two National Parks. These repeaters are a valuable link in the nation’s emergency communications system.

Grady Williams, (K6IXA, 209-358-1166). Grady has been the driving force and auctioneer since the club created the concept.

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TARC-Fall-Auction flyer.

Check the event website for photos of auction items: http://w6bxn.org/auction/