Morse Code Practice

January 12, 2016 @ 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

The SCRA code practice net is held every Tuesday evening shortly following the SCRA service net on the SCRA 2m repeater.

The code practice net begins at approximately 7:30PM and continues for one hour.

The purpose of the net is to provide extra practice for those people attending the Morse code course on Friday evenings. It is for primarily for those people just learning code.

The net will recur until the end of the code course on April 15th at which time it will stop.

John, WB6FRZ sends code over the repeater for about 3 minutes and alternately uses voice to report what was sent, along with others who may wish to also report what they copied.

Farnsworth code is used with a character speed of 18 WPM and a word speed of 5 WPM.

Emphasis is given to new characters introduced at the code class on the previous Friday evening but all characters presented in the code class to date are practiced.


Check-ins are encouraged at the beginning of the net by all interested licensed radio amateurs.

For those checking in, read-back of code characters sent is solicited on a voluntary basis; nobody is called-upon to give readings of their copy.

Nobody is embarrassed and all are encouraged.


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