Holiday Party 2018 @ Luther Burbank Art & Garden Center
Dec 5 @ 5:30 PM – 9:30 PM

SCRA Christmas Party

When:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018, 5:30 pm until ~9:30 pm

                    Dinner will be served at 6:30pm


Where:  Luther Burbank Art & Garden Center 2050 Yulupa Ave, Santa Rosa


What:  Based upon last name, bring an appetizer (a – d), salad (e – k), side dish (l – r), or dessert (s –z). Roast Turkey, Ham,

Coffee, and Tea provided. You are welcome to bring your own beverages.


How Much: $ 8.00 per person (must be received by Friday, November 30)

RSVP Required

Door Prize Will Be Awarded

Questions? Call Brian Torr at 575-5871 or e-mail to


To RSVP, either:

1. Fill out form below, detach, and mail to: SCRA, PO Box 116, Santa Rosa, CA 95402-0116


Mail-in Sign-Up Form


2. Sign-Up on the SIGN-UP PAGE and purchase tickets via PayPal at the SCRA store. RSVP must be received by Friday, November 30.

2019 Planning Meeting @ Rincon Valley Mobile Estates - Club House
Jan 5 @ 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Join us at the 2019 Planning Meeting

Rincon Valley Mobile Estates Club House, 4671 Circle Dr, Santa Rosa, CA 95409, USA (Hwy 12, 1 block East of Mission Boulevard. Call Iola if you need more directions.)

Doors open at 9am, meeting starts at 10am.

It may go until approximately 2:00.


Fish Rock Bicycle Adventure Race @ Anderson Valley High School
Mar 9 @ 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Volunteer – Public Service Fish Rock _ Sign Up  HERE

This is a UHF event. Your 2-meter radio won’t cut it.

March 9th is the Fish Rock bicycle event, SCRA’s first public service event of 2019. Three hundred cyclists will depart Boonville, traverse to and down the coast, and return to Boonville. Find more info here: .

This is an all-day event with riders starting from Boonville at 10:00 am and stragglers returning at 5:30 pm. Operators will close aid stations progressively and may depart for home when they do.

Travel times are long, ranging from 1.5 to 2.25 hours from Santa Rosa, depending on location, due to distance and winding roads:

  • Santa Rosa to Boonville about 90 miles
  • Santa Rosa to Pt. Arena via coast about 85 miles
  • Event course (a loop) 72.4 miles

This is a UHF event. Your 2-meter radio won’t cut it. (Oh, I guess I said that already… How about this? UHF = 70 cm = 440 MHz band…)

Weather (fog, rain, clouds) can impact UHF reception significantly (“Scotty, I need more power!”) so bring a UHF mobile radio (or HT with UHF amp, say 40W) and a good antenna. During clear weather, most sites can get by with a UHF HT, but be prepared for changing weather. SAGs will need a mobile radio on the more radio-difficult portions of Fish Rock Road.

Note to SAGs: Portions of Fish Rock Road between Tenmile road and Aid Station 3 aren’t paved, but sport well-graded dirt with minor-to-moderate washboards and a few potholes. Low-rider cars (under which you can’t roll a beer can) need not apply. (The Aid Station 3 operator can approach from Highway 128 via all-paved roads.)

The SAG4 Shotgun position involves riding shotgun in a non-ham’s SAG vehicle. Bring your mobile radio equipment and battery.

Where are these places, you ask? I recommend copying the following coordinates into to get turn-by-turn driving directions and a time estimate.

  • Aid Station 1 Mountain View Road (38.9453,-123.5455)
    Go North to Boonville, turn left on Mountain View Road. Coordinates are approximate.
  • Cemetery Hwy 1 & Mtn View Rd (38.9511,-123.6901)
    Go North on Hwy 1, turn right and right into cemetery at corner with Mountain View Rd.
  • Aid Station 2 Iverson Rd at Timberwood Wy (38.8412,-123.5704)
    Go North on Hwy 1 to Gualala, turn right on Old Stage Coach Rd, continue on Iverson
    Rd. Site is at intersection with Timberwood Way.
  • Aid Station 3 Ornbaun Valley (38.8877,-123.3712) Exact location TBD
    North on 128 past Yorkville, left on Fish Rock Road.
  • Net Control / FINISH Anderson Valley Brewing Co. (39.0007,-123.3563)
    In Boonville. Boonville Ukiah Road (Hwy 253)
  • START Anderson Valley Jr-Sr H.S. (39.0117,-123.3748)
    In Boonville. Mountain View Rd., respectively.


Times and more details will be coming shortly. If impatient, contact your favorite psychiatrist, or, contact Fred AE6SF at

Sonoma Family Life Magazine Camp Fair – SCRA Information Booth @ Coddintown Mall
Apr 12 @ 2:00 PM – 8:00 PM


Sign-Up here.

The Community Outreach Committee will provide information and extend community awareness of Sonoma County Radio Amateurs (SCRA) and amateur radio in general.  This is a wonderful opportunity to share your passion of amateur radio with the community at large.

Setup is at 1400 breakdown 1915-2000. Macy’s side of Coddingtown Mall.

You will be amazed at the huge variety of summer camps  and new activities to be discovered at this one exciting fair. Feel free to talk face-to-face with camp directors and other experts. Everything from sewing, arts and music, to sports, fitness, and horseback riding camps, just to name a few. There’s something for everyone in your family!

This is a great showcase of all the best places. A chance to find your child’s dream school or that perfect summer or afterschool experience. Look for the family travel packages, party ideas, and so much more.

Enjoy on-stage performances by local groups. Check out the freebies, drawings, discounts, and other great prizes!

Don’t miss this FREE day, devoted to family and home. One day only rain or shine at the Coddingtown Mall, April 12th.

Lake Sonoma 50 – Radio Support @ Lake Sonoma South Lake Trailhead
Apr 13 @ 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Volunteer – Public Service Lake Sonoma

Lake Sonoma 50


Operational Time: 0600-2000 Operational Area: Western Arm (Warm Springs Arm) of Lake Sonoma / Warm Springs Dam Net Control Location: South Lake Trailhead (off Skaggs Springs-Stewarts Point Rd) at the event’s Start-Finish What: 50 mile foot race [Ultra running event] Web Site: Repeater: No Comments: This event is run on remote trails behind Lake Sonoma. The club repeater and others are not reachable in this locale.

  • Operations for this event are in simplex, usually with HTs.
  • NC sets up at the South Lake Trailhead – same as Start-Finish for the event.
  • Traffic consists of tracking the top 10 male and female runners, aid station status and medical/lost runners.
  • Aid Stations are remote and sometimes require as much as 45 minutes to reach from NC. One requires a boat ride.


Wine Country Century – Radio Support @ Luther Burbank Center for the Arts
May 4 @ 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Volunteer – Sign Up – Here (Wine County Century)

Wine Country Century 2018


Operational Area: West Sonoma County, Dry Creek and Alexander Valleys Operational Time: 0600 – 1800 Repeater(s): W6SON Primary; K6ACS backup HT Friendly? Depends on location, mobile radios (35W Min.) are preferred. Santa Rosa Cycling Club’s long running WCC is a long time staple of SCRA’s public service season. This is a straight ahead century bike tour of the west central portions of the county. SRCC is big contributor to SCRA. A Note about SAGs: SCRA does not manage SAGs for this event – SAGs are managed by Santa Rosa Cycling Club. If you volunteer as a SAG you should also register at the SRCC volunteer page.

Human Race – Radio Support @ Spring Lake Park
May 4 @ 7:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Human Race, Santa Rosa

Volunteer – Sign Up Here

Human Race – May 4, 2019

This easy, fun, HT-friendly event is great for those new to public service or looking to refresh their skills.

The Human Race is a nationwide community fundraising event for nonprofit organizations and is the largest collaborative fundraising event in Sonoma County as well as the largest Human Race in the nation! The Sonoma County Race features a 3K and 10K run and walk through Howarth and Spring Lake Parks, rain or shine.

Monte Rio Triathlon – Radio Support
Jun 9 @ 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Volunteer – Sign Up – Here

Monte Rio Triathlon

June 9, 2019

We invite you to join us for the 7th annual Monte Rio Triathlon! We offer Olympic & Sprint distance races as well as Olympic distance relays and and Olympic distance AquaBike. Details and course maps at the event website (click …More…)




Terrible Two – Radio Support @ Analy High School
Jun 15 @ 5:30 AM – 11:00 PM

Volunteer – Sign Up – Here (Terrible Two)

Terrible Two 2019Terrible Two – 15 June 2019
This is one of the toughest double centuries in the state and requires lots of good operating skills. We’ve got aid stations, a few NC slots, and SAGs available. While traffic consists of informational traffic, we do transmit rider number and times – you will get a lot of traffic handling experience. If you want to visit remote parts of Sonoma County, sag for the TT is one way to do it. TT starts at 0530 and finishes around 2300.

This year the cycling club has added a 200K ride for those that do not wish to take on the full course, so this may add aid stations. Also, the course through Napa county is changing due to road conditions in areas affected by the wildfires and is still in planning stages at this writing (01/20/19). Check the event website for more info and course routes.


Tour de Fox Wine Country @ Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate & Gardens
Aug 24 @ 7:30 AM – 2:30 PM


Click Here to Sign-Up

This is a charity bicycle event sponsored primarily by Kendall-Jackson with proceeds benefiting the Michael J. Fox Foundation (Parkinson’s disease research) and the local community.  There are four courses (70.2, 52.4, 34.5, 10.7 miles) in the northern and western parts of Sonoma county, with the first riders departing at 0800.  In addition to Net Control, aid stations, SAGs and motos, we will incorporate radio bike marshals (hams).

Radio Motos and Radio Bike Marshals must have approval from Bike Monkey to work this event.  Contact John Prouty at to obtain approval.

We will not be reporting rider times.

Michael J. Fox Foundation announcement:

Event information and individual course map links:

Summary route map with Aid Station locations: tdfmap.pdf

Aid Station GPS coordinates (in decimal degrees):

  • 38.499600, -122.811800  La Crema Maint. Rd
  • 38.653254, -122.883100  Puma Springs Vineyards
  • 38.580613, -122.881128  Old Felta Schoolhouse
  • 38.516200, -122.995860  Russian River Senior Center
  • 38.429710, -122.892600  Dutton Ranch
  • 38.506968, -122.772905  Net Control. Address: Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate & Gardens 5007 Fulton Rd, Santa Rosa, California 95403

New or inexperienced hams are welcome.  If you’d like to learn the ropes, sign up as a Shadow and we’ll pair you with an experienced ham.